March 3, 2024

Ryanair is closing down customers who have requested a refund

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Ryanair is closing down customers who have requested a refund

Ryanair has been criticized for its handling of customers

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Ryanair refused to check-in on other flights for some customers who received refunds from the airline for canceled flights. The company appears to be moving into a legal gray area.

Some Ryanair customers have had a nasty surprise when they plan to fly with the airline. They found that the low-cost airline would not allow them to board the plane. Reason: Affected customers had previously received Ryanair refunds for flights they were unable to attend. The English portal Money Saving Expert reports on three similar cases from the UK.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, passengers have given up flights with Ryanair that were already booked – for example because the government has generally advised against travel at the time. Ryanair refused to pay for the flight, relying on its terms and conditions. The customers then got the money back through their credit card company, Money Saving Expert wrote. The amounts were between the equivalent of about 470 and 740 euros.

Ryanair: Customers must make refunds

They’ve already got the costs – but they seem to have lost it with Ryanair. Because when affected customers booked flights with the airline again, check-in was denied, they informed the gate. Flights were only possible with one condition: you must pay the refund.

As far as new flights are concerned, Ryanair has offered to reimburse for the flight already paid, customers told Money Saving Expert. However, in at least one case, the traveler had already booked a place to stay at the destination – and was left with these costs.

Ryanair excludes refunds in terms of terms and conditions

Ryanair has reiterated that the terms and conditions do not include refunds for flights that have not been offered. The customer agrees to this at the time of booking. In addition, a spokesperson for the airline said Ryanair reserves the right not to carry passengers if they have not paid for previous flights in full.

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According to “Money Saving Expert”, legal experts define Ryanair’s actions in a legal gray area. For example, other airlines will issue vouchers in similar situations. The UK competition authority last week closed an investigation against Ryanair into refusing to refund payments for canceled flights. The legal situation in this area is unclear.

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