December 10, 2023

Prince Andrew scandal damages Queen Elizabeth's reputation!

Prince Andrew scandal damages Queen Elizabeth’s reputation!

The allegations against Prince Andrew are serious. Experts believe that his mother, the Queen, is supporting him in a way that could harm her.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Andrew is accused of sexually assaulting a minor.
  • After the Queen paid the lawyers millions, the investigation was closed.
  • Royal experts are highly critical of the Queen’s behavior.

Queen Elizabeth, 95, has been on the throne of the United Kingdom for more than 70 years. The graceful king enjoys popularity among the people unmatched by any queen or king. The Queen is considered a clean woman and defies all scandals.

For some time now, her favorite son Prince Andrew (61 years old) has made her life difficult. Because of his friendship with Pädo-Epstein (66), he is suspected of abusing a minor. It was only on Monday that London police announced that despite a civil complaint, no further investigation would be launched against the royal family.

Prince Andrew did not pay the lawyers himself

Despite the investigation ending, Prince Andrew remains the target of criticism – and so is his mother. The Queen is even accused of putting her protective hand on her second youngest son. The British media even reported that the Queen paid millions for his lawyers.

“Andrew doesn’t have the money on hand,” royal expert Katie Nicholl explained to “The Royal Beat.” The king jeopardized her reputation due to the fact that the queen supported him in this way.

Do you understand that the Queen supports Prince Andrew?

Nicole knows: “She’s giving him shelter. She’s letting him live in Balmoral and letting him hide under the hem of her skirt. I think that’s hurting the Queen’s image, especially in America.”

What the Queen actually believes about the Prince Andrew scandal is unknown. Sticking to the motto of “Never Complain, Never Explain” is unparalleled.

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