February 28, 2024

Ruben Dias vomits into the player’s mother’s bag

wild party

The Manchester City star soars in the player’s mother’s bag

Pictures of the Man City concert have spread all over the world. Now there is more information about the booze party.


Grealish’s party photos were wild.

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  • Jack Grealish has always been the focus of the big ManCity party.

  • However, another player used Grealish’s mother’s wallet in a different way.

  • Ruben Diaz has certainly had enough.

About a week ago he sat down Blue sky in Istanbul final 1-0 win over Inter Milan – the start of a multi-day party in the sky blue. The team first went to the title ceremony in Ibiza before the title parade took place in Manchester on Monday. It was very noisy.

City supporter Ederson, a man of the game, confirmed this during a press conference for the Brazilian national team. He revealed a strange story from his teammate Rubén Dias.

Goalkeeper Ederson and defender Dias let loose.

France Press agency

“99 percent of the team drank something. And I enjoyed it. A lot of players didn’t stop until Monday,” the Brazilian goalkeeper told the all-day party, while only Nathan Ake drank a drop of alcohol. Some who normally don’t drink, but now they’ve made an exception.” The chief of defense, Rubén Dias, was brought into play. “He made an exception, but it didn’t work out very well,” said the goalkeeper.

“He drank two points and then threw it all away. It’s funny that everything was in Jack Grealish’s mother’s handbag, ”the goalkeeper revealed about the embarrassing incident that his Portuguese colleague had suffered. Meanwhile, Dias traveled to the Portuguese national team, and on the agenda is the qualifiers for the championship Europe vs. Bosnia and Iceland. By then, Dias will be sober again. And you probably won’t be having another sip of alcohol anytime soon.

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