June 24, 2024

Schweizer Abt: "Roger Federer ist wie die königliche Familie in Großbritannien"

Roger Federer as the UK Royal

Roger Federer is an idol in every corner of the world, able to combine his tennis victories with elegance unmatched in modern sport. Countless fans had to wait more than a year to see the Swiss champion return to the field, who in 2020 had to stay off the tour due to double surgery on his right knee.

After missing the Australian Open for the first time in the last 23 editions, the former ATP No.1 player returned to Doha a few weeks ago, but his career came to a halt in the quarter-finals against Nikoloz Basilashvili (he also missed the match point.).

The Grand Slam champion, a 20-time winner, set Wimbledon as his main goal, without forgetting his dream of a singles gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Meanwhile, Dave Seminara, a former diplomat and big Rogers fan, has written a book titled “Federer’s Footsteps: A Fan’s Journey Through 7 Swiss Cantons in 10 Acts”.

At work, Seminara talks about his journey to the places that marked the childhood of the Basel teacher. In an excerpt published in the New York Times, Dave explained his encounter with Urban Federer, the abbot who baptized the four children of the Swiss master.

Head of the Swiss Monastery: “We don’t know how to deal with him”

“Roger Federer in Switzerland is equivalent to the royal family in Great Britain” – the abbot began. “However, here in Switzerland we have never had such a famous figure, so we don’t really know how to deal with him.

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We are not used to deifying people here. Before Roger became famous, I always had to spell my last name. Now everyone knows him. ”- He joked. Urban is closely following professional tennis events:“ I hope Novak Djokovic won’t win any more titles, otherwise Federer’s record might drop.

Basel power station named after Roger? We have a local rule that prohibits naming anything after someone who is still alive. Therefore it is not possible at the present time to ascribe this honor to him. ”