April 25, 2024

Riot in detention - Dozens dead in Ecuador prison again - News

Riot in detention – Dozens dead in Ecuador prison again – News


Two months ago, nearly 120 people died in prison riots – this time at least 68.

At least 68 inmates have been killed in renewed violent clashes at a prison in Ecuador. In addition, at least 25 inmates have been infected in the Guayas N1 detention center near the coastal city of Guayaquil, the South American country’s attorney general wrote on Twitter.

Guns and explosives in prison

According to El Universo, the police seized firearms and explosives. The police had announced earlier that Guayas N1 detention center was on a mission to restore order and control the prison.

Over and over again turmoil

Ecuador has seen frequent violent clashes in prisons over the past few months. In September, 118 prisoners were killed in a bloody gang fight at the Guayas N1 detention center. It was the worst massacre in the Ecuadorean penal system to date.

Twenty-one people were killed in riots in Cotopaxi and Guayaquil prisons in July. In February, 79 people were killed in violent clashes between rival gangs in several prisons.

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