June 14, 2024

Reborn will also appear in this country in 2022

Reborn will also appear in this country in 2022

It publishes PQube and Kadokawa Games Metal Max Zeno: Reborn Next year also in this country for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Fall in a devastated world Metal Max Zeno: Reborn In Dystokio, a non-linear open environment where a JRPG merges with elements of real-time combat and combat vehicles. You can take control of Talis and search for other survivors who want to defend themselves against the machines.

The fate of the universe is in your hands and it is up to the surviving survivors across Earth to change it for the better. To do this, you have to recruit new members for your group and teach them different fighting skills. There is also the famous fighting dog Pochi.

Pochi can also advance, learn new skills, and establish yourself as a fourth member. Help him earn Skill Points by feeding and petting him on the base.

Feature von Metal Max Xeno: Reborn

  • A post-apocalyptic world where people are at risk and machines roam the wasteland
  • Unlock a World JRPG with real-time combat and vehicle elements
  • Cross the wasteland in tanks or descend on foot with the Allies
  • Find parts to customize, upgrade and alter your cabinets with endless combinations
  • Based on Metal Max Xeno (2018) and the latest game in the classic Japanese series ‘Metal Max’
  • Completely redesigned with completely new visual improvements, combat mechanics, skills and mods
  • He teamed up with the famous fighting dog Pochi to reunite the remaining survivors

Metal Max Zeno: Reborn It will be released in 2022.