December 11, 2023

iOS 14.6 is here: All news for iPad and iPhone

iOS 14.6 is here: All news for iPad and iPhone

Apple released the latest version of iOS 14.6. We show the developments in the release of the new operating system for iPads and iPhones.

The following update is now available for iPhone, iPad, iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 users.

Important: You can either pull out the full iOS 14.6 screenshots or use the “Settings” and “General” areas to select the “Software Update” menu item. If you have activated Automatic Updates, you will see iOS 14.6 in the next few days.

A new option for AirTags

Instead of just a phone number (center), you can now also enter an email address (image on the right) if you lost your AirTags.

Photo: chip

All-new trackers from Apple, AirTags are in demand on the one hand, and on the other hand, there are frequent attempts at hacking. Now something new to the event is the activation of AirTag’s “Lost” mode. Then the finders get contact information, previously the standard was a phone number and a short message display. As a new option, there is an email address to make the connection.

iOS 14.6: other new features

Apple offers paid podcast subscriptions.
Apple offers paid podcast subscriptions.

Photo: Apple

  • Podcast: From iOS 14.6, paid subscriptions for individual channels and shows are also possible via the Podcast app. Apple recently announced that it wants to expand its podcast offerings and is competing to attract more listeners with premium content. The offer must remain all-inclusive.
  • Lossless Apple Music: Apple Music subscribers can access lossless and 3D audio with Dolby Atmos with iOS 14.6. Both will start in June at no additional cost.
  • Unlock with Apple Watch: Apple has fixed an error that can occur when unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch. If you locked iPhone via Apple Watch, unlocking doesn’t work that way.
  • Memories: The bug displaying reminders as blank lines was also fixed in iOS 14.6.
  • Call blocker: With the built-in call blocker, the iOS system sometimes gets throttled and no longer displays it in Settings. IOS 14.6 should fix the problem.
  • Bluetooth: IOS 14.6 should fix the lost connections via bluetooth when making calls and the issue of redirecting audio output to other devices in the vicinity.
  • Start: IOS 14.6 fixes a bug where iPhones take a long time to start up.

Manageable update

IPhone users take iOS 14.6 with them and are delighted with bug fixes and security updates. In terms of innovations, modernization is manageable. But that doesn’t matter, in June, Apple should definitely take a look at iOS 15 at the WWDC Developers Conference. That should be more exciting then.

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