June 16, 2024

Razer announces Universal Haptic SDK and Directional Haptic at GDC 2023

Razer announced the Universal HD Haptics SDK and the launch of Interhaptics Directional Haptics at the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The free SDK edition is focused on providing an enhanced and immersive gaming experience. Audio and visual effects come to life with high-fidelity haptic feedback and are now fully customizable via the Interhaptics SDK.

With today’s announcement, Interhaptics, the leading platform for haptic technology, has expanded support on PlayStation®5*, PlayStation®4, Meta Quest 2 and X-Input controllers, and iOS and Android devices for game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Additionally, the Haptic Composer software has been updated to allow in-app testing of DualSense™ wireless controllers for PS5™ and select Razer HyperSense headsets. This enables Interhaptics to deliver high-resolution touch devices to more than 5 billion devices across multiple ecosystems. Developers can refer to Interhaptics website Queued for the Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense Dev Kit with Programmable Directional Haptics HD.

The Interhaptics SDK is now available for free at interhaptics.com and will also be available on the Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace in the coming months.

“Razer continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming, and we know that haptics play an important role in delivering the most immersive gaming experiences,” said Eric Vezzoli, General Manager, Interhaptics. “By introducing highly accurate directional haptic feedback to our HyperSense headsets, we are taking PC gaming and virtual reality to an unprecedented level of immersion. Gamers can now feel the physical effects as game developers intended. Our tools are now compatible with virtually every game engine and hardware that support touch.

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In 2022, Razer acquires 100% of Go Touch VR SAS, also known as Interhaptics, the leading touch development platform for game studios. Founded in 2017, Interhaptics’ mission is to provide realistic and immersive haptic solutions to PC, console, mobile, and XR developers. The company aims to provide developers with essential tools that ensure quality, faster development, and compatibility across platforms.