April 22, 2024

Questions and answers about trend sports

Pickleball – what is it actually? This popular sport has arrived from the USA to Schleswig-Holstein, but is still relatively unknown. Questions and answers about American hype.

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How is pickleball played?

Pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors on an outdoor court. The court has the same dimensions as badminton (6.10 m x 13.41 m) – for doubles and singles. The height of the net in the Mitte should be 91cm on the outside and 86cm on the middle, which is slightly lower than a tennis net.

What are the most important rules of pickleball?

The set amounts to eleven points, as in table tennis. However, only those who serve can score points. Directly behind the net there is an area called the “kitchen” that is not allowed to enter and balls are not allowed to be launched from. Submission occurs from below.

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Where to play pickleball in Schleswig-Holstein?

The German Baseball Association currently lists 64 clubs across Germany, five of which are in Schleswig-Holstein: Elsdorfer SV and SSV Nübbel near Rendsburg, TSG Scheersberg east of Flensburg, and the Lübecker Raket Club and Kummerfelder SV outside Hamburg. In Kiel, opportunities to play pickleball have been few and far between until now, but they are offered privately – such as at the tennis center on Christian-Kruse-Straße, where pickleball can be played in the summer.

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What equipment is needed?

A racket, a pickle ball, and a net – nothing more. You can buy a racket set with ball online for over €20, and a net from €60.

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And where does the name “pickleball” actually come from?

This matter has not been clarified beyond a reasonable doubt yet. One theory: The wife of Joel Pritchard, the former US congressman and inventor of the sport in 1965, called the game “pickleball” because the mixture of different sports (tennis, table tennis, badminton) reminded her of the “pickle boat” of rowing. Where rowers sit from the remains of other boats. Variant: The family had a dog named Pickles, who could be named after him.