June 16, 2024

Queen’s funeral: Will US President Joe Biden arrive by bus?

Queen’s Funeral
UK imposes strict funeral rules: ‘Biden will never travel by bus’

First choice for travel: US President Joe Biden and US First Lady Jill Biden board Air Force One.

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The rules are very clear: no private jets or private cars to the Queen’s funeral. So many heads of state and heads of state have to go in a joint bus. But there are some exceptions.

It was the biggest funeral the UK had held in decades: the Queen’s funeral. World leaders have been invited to a ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday 19 September. But the rules are strict. In fact.

According to media reports, the British Foreign Office issued documents to participants asking them to travel on commercial jets and not on private planes. Protocol required leaders to arrive by bus from a location in west London rather than using their own cars.

And countries have been asked to keep their delegations to the funeral as small as possible, inviting only the head of state and his wife to the funeral, according to news website Politico.

No private jets, no private cars

Rules have reportedly been put in place on private jets and cars to prevent congestion at London’s airports and streets due to high numbers of arrivals.

US President Joe Biden has also confirmed his personal participation in the event. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, insisted that “arrangements will vary for different heads of state” and that the documents are for guidance only, according to The Guardian newspaper. Are we going to see Joe Biden ride the bus?

Biden will never fly or drive a bus commercially

Timothy Miller, a security expert and former US intelligence official, is skeptical: “The president of the United States will never fly commercially and/or travel by bus,” he told Politico. This has been confirmed by “The Times”: although several heads of state and government have been asked to travel by bus from an unnamed location in West London, there will be exceptions for the most important – including Biden – for security reasons.

Normally, the President of the United States uses Air Force One to get to Stansted Airport when he travels to London. Because getting to Heathrow would cause more disruption. The onward journey is then continued by helicopter and his armored cruiser known as “The Beast”.

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