June 23, 2024

hellmanns dressing

Hellman’s Canada is introducing new vegan clothing and a new marketing campaign called “The Vegans.”

© Hellman

The release of Hellmann’s Vegan Dressings marks the launch of Canada’s new TikTok Awards show, designed to celebrate the joys of veganism.

Hellman’s Canada Announcing “The Vegans,” a brand new award show about veganism. To mark the launch of the brand’s new line of vegan clothing, Hellman’s has teamed up with cooking-loving Canadian TikTokers from across the country, who will create delicious vegan recipes and share them on TikTok.

“Traditionally, vegan food hasn’t always been hailed as the gold standard of deliciousness,” says Kristen Tenega, Hellman’s senior brand manager for Canada. “That’s changing today. Vegetarians emphasize the creativity, fun and, most importantly, delicious taste of vegetarian dishes.

Chefs from Hellmann’s Vegan Dressing have been sharing their creations on TikTok since September 7, and their recipes can be submitted in one of four award categories: Best Appetizer in a Supporting Role, Best Food, Best Original Lunch and the “People’s Choice Award”, the latter based on social engagement. Host and influencer Jamie Milne (also known as Everything Delish) will announce the winners the week of September 26.

The following flavors will be available in Canada in the future:

  • Hellman’s Vegan Ranch Dressing
  • Hellmann’s Vegetarian Caesar Dressing
  • Helman’s Vegan Green Angel Dressing

Visit for more information www.hellmanns.com/ca/en/the-vegans.