February 25, 2024

Push is the system in giant slalom races in Canada – VOL.AT Sports –

Following her victories in Sölden and Killington, Swiss Lara Gut-Bahrami set the season's giant slalom record.

She is also one of the favorites for the Ski World Cup races on Saturday and Sunday in Mont-Tremblant (5pm/8:15pm CET). Things progressed gradually for the Austrians, but things went even better in the USA where Julia Schipp took 7th place and Katharina Liensberger 11th place. In Quebec, pushing is common on largely flat terrain.

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The Austrians used the time between the dual technical events for one day of training in Killington and the planned two days in Mont-Tremblant. The warm-up slope there has flat terrain similar to the racing slope, which was prepared largely with artificial snow and finally with water to strengthen it, and on which the last World Cup races were held in 1983. Then there is a rich flash. This speed is such and found, in this different position, there is a push. Die weite Linie wird better”, beschrieb Cheftrainer Roland Assinger the task.

“I use my strengths on the steep slope and push down and see things go much further,” said Sterrian Ship, who had the best result of her career. “That’s the key to racing.” “This was important for me after the failure in Sölden. I feel comfortable and happy and I want to continue.” The big issue for her is to be more confident in her ability to execute the performance from training for the race. “The athletes before me at Killington have already won races. That's the difference, you ride differently in the second round. I'll try to deal with it until it becomes more natural.”

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The fastest time in the second run of the giant slalom in Killington was a delicious dose of self-confidence for Liensberger. It was within her limits, but this was calculated. “I knew what I wanted to improve from the first round to the second round and I was able to execute it. I want to continue with this attitude and this focus.” Levy, who came in third in the slalom, said the timing of the other two giant slaloms was “very good.”

However, one Vorarlberg resident emphasized that individual races are currently not as important as looking at the whole. “It's a process, no matter how long it takes. The overall package is consistent, that wasn't the case last year. This year I've got a good feeling, I want to build on that. Being able to improve from race to race will be important.” This is the goal that I have now.” If you look at the time difference, there is still a lot to do. “But the trend is right. “If there are good results, it provides security.”

On the first run “with restraint,” on the second “with a little anger in my stomach,” Asinger said of Liensberger’s giant slalom in the United States. “You can see what she is capable of achieving.” A winning mentality requires taking risks. “Then it will be close between the goals, but that's where you want to be. The best time to run is always a positive, a sign that it can be done.”

Stephanie Bruner is not satisfied with her 14th and 20th place finishes for the season, she imagined the start would be different. “I didn't get there to finish 15th, and that doesn't interest me. I had a lot of good sections, but in some sections I lost a lot of time. It was good in training, and in the races I was far from being good skiing away.” Having recently achieved “best times like a bell” in training, she is happy that things are now continuing in quick succession. Air races are guaranteed, and 30,000 fans are expected at the ski resort, which is less than two hours' drive from Montreal. Perhaps credit also goes to Canadian Valerie Grenier, who reached seventh and fifth places.

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