December 2, 2023

FCSG in Sion in the Premier League.

FCSG in Sion in the Premier League.


Nothing beats this poplar: FC St. Gallen won 3-0 in Sion without a fight

FC St. Gallen is the 2022 Team of the Year. Coach Peter Zeidler’s side gets the next three at the Cien Tourbillon and is now the best team in the second half of the season. Ruiz scored a penalty, and Guillemenot and von Moos scored for Espen.

Victor Ruiz (right) walks away from the successful penalty kick. He was succeeded by Jeremy Guillemno, who was set to score 2-0 after just four minutes.

Photo: Freshfocus (Sion, April 2, 2022)

FC Sion 0, FC St. Gallen 3: The final score of the match in front of 4,800 fans in a cold tourbillon left nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. Victor Ruiz put a self-kick and Jerry Guilinot after a superb counter-attack on a cross from Ruiz, on the Swiss eastern side on the road to victory early between the 26th and 30th minutes.

Then Julian von Moss put the cap on with 3:0 about an hour later.

A strong Zigi and 3:0 in time

It seems that a defining characteristic of FC St Gallen, the second half of the 2021/22 season, is that they don’t even have to play great to win a game of three lengths. The performance in Valais was good but left something to be desired, especially in the first 20 minutes. On the offensive front, there were few chances after the absence of top scorer Kuadu Dua due to injury, and the guests were subjected to quick counter-attacks from Valais defensively.

During the guest appearance in Sion, St. Gallen scored all the goals at important stages of the game. The first two goals were scored without the eastern side of Switzerland clearly controlling. The guests scored the third goal for St. Gallen in the middle of the pressure stage from Valais. If ESPN Premier League goalkeeper Lawrence Atti Ziggy hadn’t intervened decisively a few times before, it’s possible Sion would have scored and back in the game at that point.

St. Gallen’s record in the second half of the season: seven wins, three draws

After the final whistle, St. Gallen’s players were able to celebrate points 22, 23 and 24 in this successful second half of the season. FCSG remains the team of the hour – no: second half of 2021/22. After FCZ lost a point in the Zurich derby early on Saturday night and a win at Valais, St.Gallen are now the most successful team in 2022. Espen has now racked up seven wins and three draws this calendar year – with a teams goal of 29:10.

The live tourbillon tape will read:

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