March 2, 2024

Princess Victoria: This is her secret first meeting in Great Britain

Princess Victoria A historic encounter! All the details about their secret first date

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Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have begun their trip to Britain with “top secret” action. This date was also a historical milestone in the military history of their own country.

Princess Victoria, 46, is on her official calendar for November 29, 2023, with a “visit to Ukrainian soldiers in the East of England”. The exact location of the military base the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel, 50, visited in the morning has not been made public. It says the Swedish couple are “in the East of England”. Swedish newspaper “Svensk Damtidning” wants to know that Victoria and Daniel arrived at “Operation Interflex” at 10:00 am local time.

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attend historic military appointment

The appointment will be the first of a series of visits to Great Britain for Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. “The aim of the visit is to consolidate and promote the long-standing and good relations between Sweden and Great Britain,” the palace announced on its website. It continued: “The visit aims to promote increased cooperation in the fields of defence. And the increased exchange in the world of security, green transition, innovation and research and business is reflected in the recently signed Swedish-UK strategic partnership.”

Prince Daniel and Princess Victoria watch over the players at training camp.

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Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were flanked by Swedish Defense Minister Paul Johnson, 51. Together they watched as Swedish soldiers from the Home Guard trained Ukrainian soldiers at a “top secret military base”. The so-called “Operation Interflix” is a historical innovation: as the “Svensk Dam” says, it is the first time that the Swedish Home Guard is stationed outside the borders of a Scandinavian country.

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The Swedish housekeeper was trained by Victoria’s former colleague

“Operation Interflex” was the code name for the United Kingdom-led military operation. Its mission is to train and support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Various nationalities work together to achieve this: in addition to Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Australia and New Zealand also participate in “Operation Interflex”.

On June 11, 2014, Lt. Col. Laura Swan Wrate received a medal from King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia for her service as aide-de-camp to the Crown Princess.

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The Swedish Armed Forces website explains that the Home Guard is “a part of the Swedish Armed Forces”. [ist] and almost half of the personnel of the Swedish armed forces”. For Princess Victoria, the Home Guard is important in two ways: as the future queen of Sweden – and as an old acquaintance of a man vital to the Home Guard. Victoria’s former deputy chancellor, Laura Swan Wrade, 59, is the Home Guard’s national commander.

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