Popper: Vaccinated In Very Low Quantities To Open + Austria Will Buy 40 Months Of Vaccination Doses For 2022/23

For nursing homes and retirement homes, further relaxation of visiting rules is likely imminent. Ingrid Korosik, president of the Seniors’ Syndicate, explained to Wiener Zeitung and the APA, that daily home visits should be possible at the latest with the openings planned for May 19. On Wednesday at the request of the APA, the Ministry of Health said that other potential mitigation steps are currently being worked on in nursing homes and nursing homes.

It was emphasized on the radio broadcast that maintaining vaccinations, tests, masks, distance and hygiene measures were still important to the Seniors Council.

In response to the APA’s request on Wednesday, Korosec was convinced that a dilution would come and referred to the draft decree corresponding to Health Minister Wolfgang M├╝ckstein (The Greens), which is currently being drawn up. “Urging elderly organizations has had an impact – the possibility of daily visits to homes for the elderly and nursing homes is already in the current draft of the upcoming Covid bylaw,” she said in a statement to APA.

“I expect that the visiting rule in retirement homes and nursing homes will be defused before the public opening on May 19. We also very much hope that the activities in the homes will take place again.” Korusik says those who are vaccinated should “come out of isolation”.

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