March 2, 2024

Pokmon Unite will be beta testing soon

Pokmon Unite will be beta testing soon

To be the best together, but not with us yet.

  • Pokémon Company has shared an update on their upcoming Pokémon Unite game
  • Some progress has already been made, for example, more Pokemon to play
  • In Canada, the game will go into beta testing next month

Last year, in June 2020, Pokémon Unite was announced as the first multiplayer game to revolve around small pocket monsters. After that, it seemed quiet about the project, but now there is a new sign of life: An update from Pokémon provides information about the state of things and the upcoming beta.

Since the announcement, some progress has apparently been made with the multiplayer game: “More playable Pokemon have been added, gameplay changes and additions have been made, appearance has been improved and much more”, says the official Pokémon site. This message is only a small garnish, of course, but at least it’s the comments that make it clear: The game is being worked hard.

Dependent Pokemon site Accordingly, of course there is still a lot of work to do before the final game sees the light of day. In return, the development studio encourages the community to test their project in a beta, but don’t get too excited! Unfortunately, the trial period will only be available to Pokémon fans in Canada.

From March onwards, everyone over 16 will be able to test this prototype for the upcoming game exclusively on Android – the final Pokémon title next will not only appear on mobile for Android and Apple devices, but on the Nintendo Switch as well.

For our first look at our upcoming Pokémon game, we have to wait a little longer in this country. After the announcement, Pokémon Unite, as an unexpected real-time collaborative title, initially received very mixed reactions from the community – let’s see how the votes looked after the first auditions. Maybe a multiplayer game can also convince skeptics? Die-hard Pokémon fans of classic RPG games might not be happy with this.