February 22, 2024

McDonald's Pokémon Karten

Pokémon Happy Meals are back at McDonald’s this summer

to me 25th Anniversary Pokemon There was a big event from March to April last year McDonald’s Show. Happy Meals come with one each Pokémon Trading Card Mini Pack Equipped and there was Another good thing.

Many celebrated this collaboration between Pokemon and McDonald’s, and there may be another reason to celebrate: Pokémon Happy Meals should be Find your way back to McDonald’s this summer.

Insider leaks planning to promote Pokémon Happy Meal

Consequently Report from Nintendolife when Unknown inside McDonald’s I reported it again this summer Happy Meals in Pokemon Theme will give. even one A picture of the planned advertising campaign The insider shared:

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must work On August 3 Get started so far only for Restaurants in the United Kingdom a favour. but what does not necessarily meanThat the procedure does not come back yet Germany You can come.

Until now Not yet in detail Know exactly what these happy meals will contain. But Nintendolev firmly assumes that Also this time Booster mini packs with Pokemon trading cards there will be.

Why Happy Meals with Pokémon Trading Cards are viewed with skepticism

If you look at it work 2021You don’t just see happy kids holding a booster pack and a sheet of Pokémon stickers.

As with all actions around Big games and perksThey’re also on the Pokémon Happy Meal show again Speculators in the beginning:

The hype surrounding Pokemon trading cards This has seen the flourishing of many Happy Meals Bought in bulk It was only for cards and those in other places Resell for huge amounts.

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PokemonMcDonald’s Pokemon trading cards lead to food waste

He went that far McDonald’s itself responds And served the Happy Mills share Limit It had to.

Since brokers only for cards And not interested in the edible rest, it was just a great deal food waste.

One can only hope at this point that McDonald’s has learned from last year’s campaign and Take appropriate measures.