May 23, 2024


Pikeperch is the most popular fish in Germany!

In May, the British fishing newspaper “Angling Times” published the headline: “Tench is Britain’s favorite fish.” The result of the vote was unequivocal and clearly showed that non-ferrous fish occupies a very special place in the United Kingdom. Feeders, sit-ups and float fishing – the British are especially fond of this. The prospect of jogging and idleness does not move an Englishman or a Scotsman to get up from a camping chair.

In Germany, it looks completely different! We wanted to hear your opinion and let you vote until June 10, 2021. The result is also visible in this country, but it falls outside the preferences of British fishermen. With a clear progression, the pekperch took first place in the ranking, and therefore it is the most popular fish in Germany!

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Readers were allowed to vote on for two weeks. The poll is of course not representative – but 1,159 votes were cast. It shows a clear trend. Results in detail:

Let’s start with the last few places. With 0.8% of the total, mackerel takes the last place in the ranking. Amazingly, herring is only present with 1.1% of the votes cast. A disappointing rating for edible fish when you consider the full piers and bridges during herring season. We would have evaluated it completely differently. Somewhat surprisingly and with nearly 16 votes out of the total, the Schup took third place in the rankings, closely followed by ASP, which is increasingly popular among fishermen in Germany (1.6%/19 votes).

The following places in the ranking of the most popular fish in Germany are completely unexpected. While gray hairs rank solid eleventh (1.9%), salmon in the lower middle field rank tenth! Only 2.0% of fishermen voted for “king of salmon”. Likewise, the trout fare – which is really surprising. A miserable 3.4%, 40 hunters, voted for the silver torpedoes.

predatory fish dominate

Catfish and cod occupy the golden middle of the order evenly. With 3.5% of the total votes for each, the two cod-like species are in the stable middle range of the order. A total of 82 people voted for either catfish or cod. Eel occupies a good position and proves its popularity among the general population. Even if catching target eel is no longer a top priority among German anglers. Germany’s most famous non-predatory fish is placed in front of the eel. With 9.3%, tench occupies a strong sixth place, but cannot repeat the first place from the United Kingdom in the republic. As expected, carp, the most common coarse fish, takes fifth place in the ranking and overtakes the “platform”.

That’s it with Friedfish, the first three consist only of predators. Fourth place goes to brown trout. 9.5% of anglers voted for trout, making brown trout the heartthrob winner in the flashing rankings.

zander stings perch

It’s no surprise that the three heavyweights – bikberch, pike, and perch – make a winner among themselves. Despite the colossal presence in almost every body of water, the perch was surprisingly able to outsmart the spear. The Stinging Knight could be completely satisfied with the silver medal and 13.5 percentage points – the Javelin landed in third place with 12.1%. pikeperch crosses the “finish line” of the rankings by a large margin. At 19.0%, and therefore roughly every five votes, Zander is the absolute favorite of the Blinker community!

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Source: A special survey via the “Direct Poll” service provider