March 2, 2024

Over 22 kilometers of stop and go on the A8 motorway

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Long traffic jams on several highways in Bavaria: Travelers will have to be patient before Christmas. One section of the highway is particularly affected.

Munich – shortly before Christmas, according to General German Automobile Club (ADAC) Traveling wave. A police spokesman said: “We have traffic jams in all directions.” Adak On Friday, December 22nd. All highways in the Free State are affected. The spokesman said that people travel from everywhere, visit their relatives, go on vacation or go shopping.

In addition, the storm caused train flights to be cancelled. You can find the live footage of the developments caused by Storm “Zoltán” here.

Before Christmas, travelers should prepare for long traffic jams. (Avatar) © Picture Alliance/DPA | Peter Knevel

A flurry of travel shortly before Christmas: many traffic jams in Bavaria

The weather requires drivers to pay special attention, for example when overtaking trucks. Traffic stopped loudly for the longest time Adak Friday afternoon on Autobahn 8 from Munich towards Salzburg, where the ride stopped and set off for more than 22 kilometres. The spokesman said there were also many traffic jams ten kilometers or more long.

The Automobile Club also expects heavy traffic on roads throughout Germany on Saturday. However, things are likely to be a little quieter on Christmas Eve.

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