June 22, 2024

Only a genius can defeat our smartest employees

QDH: Hopper’s life is amazing


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Dear Huberquizzers

It’s Friday, June 7th. Watson’s workforce celebrates with its annual Rimini Party. As befits the audience, Italian classics blare from the speakers – at a time when beach holidays were still prominent and not necessary to endure the dance of life.

What is “Quizz den Huber”?

In Quizz den Huber, you have the opportunity to compete in a quiz against our smartest employee (Daniel Huber). We ask about classic general education subjects such as geography, history, art, culture, etc. With some exceptions, the test appears every Sunday at 8pm on watson.ch.

However, Hopper now has to answer tough questions about “Bello e impossibile.”

Is this possible?

Let’s contest!

The Republican gives a speech, and the son makes faces

Video: Watson/Michael Shepherd

These characters will have already left us in 2024


These characters will have already left us in 2024

2024 is the year when Russia’s great opposition figure emerges Alexei Navalny Die (pictured). And the emperor of Bavarian football Franz Beckenbauer. Or a Canadian Nobel Prize winner in Literature Alice Munro.

Source: Imago Stock & People / Zuma Press

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A long rescue operation in India – an elephant fell into a nine-metre-deep hole

Video: Watson

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In the 1960s, Greek and Swedish archaeologists made an amazing discovery in southern Greece: they found a complete suit of armor from the Late Bronze Age in a tomb. It is named after its location in the Argolis region The Dendra shield is approximately 3,500 years old, making it likely the oldest complete shield ever found in Europe.

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