October 3, 2023

One Pope board game – kath.ch

Pope Francis receives gifts galore. Madagascar’s president, Andry Rajoelina, seems to have thought especially about the Pope’s needs. During Thursday’s audience, offer the church’s celibate president a board game for one.

The wooden board game is the wooden variant of the game «solitaire» made of marbles made from Madagascar rock.

The aim of the game is to gradually remove stones from the board by jumping. Once no horizontal or vertical skip can be made, the game ends. There should be as few stones as possible on the field.

In addition to “Solitaire”, Rajoelina also made a painting depicting a scene from Malagasy peasant life. Among other things, Pope Francis gave the head of state a bronze statuette in the shape of a vine with the inscription “Be ambassadors of peace”. (CIC)

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