October 5, 2023

Now comes the super heat :: wetter.at

Now comes the super heat :: wetter.at

Climate prediction. With a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius, yesterday’s Friday provided cooling after Thursday’s temperature poisoning (37.6 degrees in Seibersdorf, Lower Austria).

climax. But the real brutal heat is just beginning, and the heat wave will peak next Wednesday. The third week of student vacation will be the hottest, with a score of 38 degrees.

“It’s getting hotter every day,” says Nicholas Zimmermann, a meteorologist at Ubimet. The weather maps on his computer glow red and orange.

the reasons. There are two causes of extreme heat, the expert explains: “One is the general weather condition: Jürgen’s altitude hovers over Great Britain. It causes air to sink from 4-5 km in height, compressing and heating it.” The second reason is the pressure zone. low over the Atlantic Ocean. Provides more hot air as a compensation for excess heat buildup.

run away It is a very hot summer. June was already 3.3 degrees too hot compared to the long-term average. Summer as a whole has been 2.5 degrees more than usual so far. On outdoor days like Thursday, the temperature is more than 5 degrees.

But one thing is for sure: outdoor pools, ice cream parlors, and restaurants with large guest gardens are currently benefiting. Your work increases by about 30% once it goes above 30 degrees.

Expect new temperature records in Western Europe

Jurgen. Elsewhere the weather is more severe: historic highs are expected in Western Europe these days. This is where the heat from Hoch “Jürgen” radiates most strongly. In London, for example, on Tuesday or Wednesday up to 40 degrees is realistic. Paris can get 42 degrees.

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