June 21, 2024

“Now 200 GB hits is the new target”

Max Verstappen gives Red Bull their 100th Grand Prix win in Formula 1 in Canada. The World Championship leader is looking forward to new milestones.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) celebrates victory at the Formula 1 Canadian GP – Keystone

The essentials in a nutshell

  • Red Bull celebrates its 100th win in Formula 1 history at the Canadian GP.
  • Max Verstappen is delighted with the milestone but has ambitious goals.
  • The competition fears that Red Bull may win all the remaining races.

Max Verstappen reached two milestones with his win at the Canadian GP: it was Grand Prix win number 41 for the Dutchman, bringing him level with Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna. And his Red Bull side are celebrating their 100th win in the Premier Class.


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Stopping the dead Brazilian brand in 1994 makes the Dutch proud. “I hate comparing different generations,” Verstappen admits. “But when I was a little kid, I could never have imagined winning 41 Grands Prix.”

Max Verstappen congratulates Red Bull on 200 wins

According to the Dutchman, a draw with Senna was unbelievable. Only Alain Prost, Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are ahead of him on the all-time list. “I’m proud of it, but of course I hope it doesn’t stop,” Verstappen said.

Max Verstappen (left) celebrates his 100th GP win with his Red Bull team. – Keystone

“I got 41 out of 100 wins, so we can talk about a new contract!” Max Verstappen makes jokes. “Honestly, it’s a big achievement for the team. I’m happy to get 100 in the first opportunity.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) at the Formula 1 Canadian GP – Keystone

The Dutchman immediately sets his new goal: “I hope we win more than 100 races. That’s why the goal is now 200 Grand Prix victories,” said Verstappen. Given the current dominance, Red Bull can finish the season with 114 victories.

Hamilton wants to focus on 2024

The race doesn’t even seem out of the question: reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton expects Red Bull to win every remaining race. “But that doesn’t let me down. I wouldn’t change a thing about their incredible performance,” Britton said.

“They will win all the races this year unless Aston Martin and we find more performance or their cars fail,” said Hamilton. That’s why Britain is already looking ahead to 2024.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) at the Formula 1 Canadian GP – Keystone

“I suspect Max’s team is already working on next year’s car. So we have to focus on next year,” demands the Mercedes star. “Hopefully we all get a bit closer again. It would be sick if the three of us were driving in a close fight,” Hamilton said of Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.