April 21, 2024

New Return Video - Comprehensive Overview

New Return Video – Comprehensive Overview

A new video for “Returnal” has been released on PlayStation Access, which explains 11 things you should know about a third-person action game. Returnal will be released on April 30, 2021 for PlayStation 5.

Game description: “Players control astronaut Selene and dive deep into their psyche during the course of the game. Selena has crashed into the hostile planet Atropus and has been in a nightmare period ever since. And every time she dies, she becomes in that time, is pushed back to a point just before the crash. In every turn, the environment and the arsenal of weapons and equipment to be found change, so that Selene must constantly adapt in her struggle for survival.

Added: “A roguelike game with challenging, action-packed battles mixed with exciting exploration, platform elements and a variety of individual customization options. Each round is different and every decision must be evaluated for lasting progress, which quickly leads to a feeling of reward” Just one more round. “

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