May 24, 2024

New £3.6m Shooting Performance Center opens

Owned by our Sports Council Trust Company, Archery GB has been based in Lilleshall for over 20 years.

We have previously funded the redesign of a sports hall and artificial football surface as a shooting facility, but over time it has not been possible to redevelop the environment further to achieve the standards necessary for a modern elite daily training environment.

The addition of a dedicated shooting facility to Lilleshall’s existing on-site facilities – which include elite athlete support services, catering, accommodation, conferences and offices – means Lilleshall now provides a one-site solution for all shooting activities.

The new facility features a 70-metre indoor and outdoor shooting range, allowing year-round shooting, changing rooms, training support areas, toilets, and car and cycle parking. Facilities are at the same level and are fully comprehensive and accessible.

The center has a number of green initiatives including an array of south-facing solar panels on the roof, as well as additional battery storage to ensure year-round benefit.

The hot water is generated via air source heat pumps, which are located externally to avoid the building needing any type of gas supply. Heat pumps ensure that the building increases energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.

Dr Kate Baker, Performance Director at UK Sport, said: “We are excited to be opening the new centre; We believe this could be a real game-changer for Olympic and Paralympic archers, whether preparing for Paris or looking ahead to Los Angeles and Brisbane.

“The ability to focus on the mission in a world-class daily training environment is an essential part of any world-class program, which this new facility delivers through its combined indoor and outdoor ranges.

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“The eco-friendly nature also aligns strongly with our sustainability strategy; “Our goal for sport to have a net positive impact on the environment by 2040 is reinforced by this.”