February 24, 2024

Natalie Falk and Frank Otto: This is how their long-distance relationship works


Updated November 22, 2023 at 8:20 p.m

Natalie Falk and Frank Otto are currently in a long-distance relationship. The businessman has now revealed in an interview how their love works at a distance.

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Frank Otto W Natalie Volk They have already overcome some ups and downs in their relationship. Not only are they separated by a 40-year age difference, but they are currently more than 16,000 kilometers apart. The former GNTM candidate began studying medicine in Australia, while the media entrepreneur practices in Germany. Will their love endure this?

Frank Otto: “We have a good relationship”

“We talk a lot on the phone or use FaceTime. It’s OK. It’s good. There’s no crisis,” says Frank Otto. In an interview with the newspaper “Bild”. Clear. The 26-year-old told him that in Australia she felt like she was “in Germany in the 1980s”. The two are used to loving at a distance. “Our relationship is good, even if we can’t see each other much at the moment,” Otto says.

The reason Faulk now wants to become a doctor after studying acting in the USA is because of her family. “Your grandfather sent the dog Laika into space in Russia in 1957. That was a big deal, the first living being in space,” the businessman says proudly.

In addition, Falk’s mother was a qualified mathematician and later worked as a physicist. “Scientific understanding runs in the family.”

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Love returns in March 2022

Frank Otto and Natalie Falk got engaged in 2018 and broke up in 2020. She then moved to Turkey with another man. In March 2022, Faulk and Otto made their romantic comeback public. At that time she was delirious In an interview with RTL: “Frank and I have a special relationship that has always been there.” He was her first boyfriend. “He knows me so well, he knows everything about me. Maybe he’s a surrogate father, like the father I never had. But Frank also has a young spirit.”
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