June 21, 2024

My Ship: Britain குர News by Cruise

My Ship: Britain குர News by Cruise

Great Britain fans and those who want to become one will get the value of their money from May 1 to 11, 2022: the 10 day journey begins here “Britain with the Orkney Islands” Parks at Kirkwall (Arkney Islands), Greenock (Scotland), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Liverpool (England) and Southampton (England).

In the Orkney Islands of Scotland, travelers can admire the prehistoric ring Prodger Stone Circle and sample whiskey from the Stone Age village of Scara Bray or the famous Highland Park distillery. Belfast, a northern Irish city, offers a successful mix of tradition and modernity, with guests following in the footsteps of the “Beatles” in Liverpool. Of course, Southampton, in the south of England, should not be exempt from state travel routes. From here it goes to London, where you can explore the metropolis or take a trip to Stonehenge’s famous stone circles.

England & Gulf

This year Mein Schiff 3 offers its guests active excursions to the most beautiful and traditional golf courses in the world, with a special highlight of different routes in and around the United Kingdom. Accompanied by a golf expert, you will visit the most beautiful clubs in the golf homeland.

More info at Travel Agency www.meinschiff.com

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