June 20, 2024

Britain deports 150 pets from Afghanistan

Britain deports 150 pets from Afghanistan

Signs are mounting that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is directly influencing the expulsion of 150 dogs and cats from Afghanistan.

The British Foreign Office’s Whistleblower told Johnson’s decision that it was “widely known” to the Parliamentary Foreign Office in London on Monday. The Prime Minister categorically denies the allegations.

Many whistleblowers

He looked at chat messages, listened to discussions and was coded in several emails, clearly recommending this, Josie Stewart said. Johnson’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Nigel Casey, did not question this. Earlier, another Foreign Office whistleblower submitted an internal email claiming that the Prime Minister had authorized the evacuation of staff and animals.

Animals were evicted instead of people

When the Taliban captured the Afghan capital in the summer of 2021, with the help of British forces, the rescue of Navsad, a former British soldier’s pet, by animal welfare organizations was highly controversial. Critics fear the eviction is at the expense of the people, who fear retaliation by the militant Islamic Taliban. Thousands of people in contact with Britain were left behind in the country as troops withdrew hastily.

“PM” and “Nowzad” in the mail

Casey, Johnson’s special adviser, said in his emails there was no evidence that the Prime Minister had intervened. Whistleblower Stewart disagreed. He received an e-mail containing the abbreviation “PM” for the Prime Minister and the word “Nowzad”, which was sent to Casey, Stewart said.

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