June 17, 2024

Das 105. Artillerie-Regiment feuert auf Schloss Edinburgh Kanonensalven zu Ehren des verstorbenen Prinz Philipp. (AFP/ANDREW MILLIGAN)

Mourning in the UK – the military honors the late Prince Philip

The United Kingdom commemorates the late Prince Philip. Cannons were fired at noon – in many cities and from the warships of the Royal Navy on which Philip served during World War II. Minutes of silence planned in sports.

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, passed away in Windsor yesterday morning – a few weeks before his 100th birthday. In Westminster Abbey, where Elizabeth and Philip were married in 1947, the bell rang 99 times yesterday – once for each year of the deceased’s life. The flags of all government buildings flutter at half-mast. This should remain so until the morning after the consort of the Emir is buried. No date has been announced.

A soccer player with a black badge

The British Football Association recommended a minute of silence at all football matches this Saturday. Players are also expected to wear black armbands in honor of the Duke of Edinburgh. Two minutes of silence was planned for the Grand National Horse Racing.

British newspapers today dedicated their first pages to the deceased. “We cry with you, madam,” she wrote in the newspaper, Al-Shams. The Daily Mail ran a 144-page special, with the front cover photo of the Queen with Prince Philip headlined “Farewell, Baby.” The deceased was very popular in the United Kingdom.

“We cry with you, madam.”

For reasons of infection prevention, the palace asked residents not to come to Windsor Castle to deposit flowers. However, many people did so on Saturday, and a spokesman for the Palace Garden Administration said the flowers would be removed “with respect” and moved to a place within the palace grounds.

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The late Prince Philip was also honored in Germany. You can find an obituary here.

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