May 22, 2024

Mayor of a French city salutes Hitler – an “unfortunate gesture”

The mayor of a French city gave the Hitler salute at a local council meeting, causing unrest and anger.

As the Val-de-Marne province announced on Sunday evening, the matter will include the judiciary. Such a gesture is completely unacceptable. Villeneuve-Saint-Georges Mayor Philippe Godin reportedly gave the Nazi salute twice during a heated city council meeting to pass the budget on Saturday. Previously, an opposition politician was said to have accused Gaudin of colluding with right-wing extremists in the past.

The mayor of the community of 30,000 south of Paris admitted on BFMTV that this was an “unfortunate gesture.” But for him it was just a whim and not a gesture of belonging.

“You have to call a spade a spade: this is an anti-Semitic act,” replied Deputy Mayor Emmanuele Gougnan-Zadego. Many community representatives called for the mayor's resignation. His action was a sign of the glorification of Nazism. He said in a Facebook post that he had tarnished the values ​​of the Republic. The mayor's misconduct has been pointed out for years. Leftist politician Louis Boyard called for new elections. (DAP/EPA)

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