May 27, 2024

With a simple trick: A father saves his family from a shark attack during the holidays

The family was attacked by an oceanic whitetip shark. Father saves his loved ones.

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While on vacation at the beach, a dangerous situation arises for the Dietz family – they are suddenly attacked by a shark. The father reacts and saves his family.

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  • While on a beach vacation in Egypt, a family is attacked by a shark.
  • The father reacts quickly and saves his family.
  • Shark attacks occur repeatedly on the coast of Egypt.

While on vacation in Egypt, the Dietz family found themselves in a life-threatening situation when they were cornered by a three-meter oceanic whitetip shark. Despite their calls for help, they remained unnoticed on the beach.

But thanks to their father's decisive actions, they were able to escape the attack. Dennis Dietz pushed the shark away from the family with a targeted push. He learned this reaction from online videos. This action indicated to the shark that the family was not prey, and allowed it to swim safely to the pier, they recounted in an interview with RTL.

The incident occurred in a resort area known for deadly shark attacks, and is just one of many examples of such incidents. Last year a tourist there was killed by a tiger shark.

Marine biologist Carsten Prinsing praised the father's quick action and explained that actions such as a nudge in the nose or a blow to the gills can often deter sharks. The increasing shark attacks off Egypt are due to fish waste being thrown into the water, which attracts sharks and leads to an increase in attacks.

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