May 24, 2024

Mario Day: The new Mario movie is coming, and it's two Mario games with release dates

Today, March 10, also known as Mar10, Nintendo is celebrating Mario Day – and there was all kinds of news to announce. Two Mario titles for Switch have received release dates, and a new movie has also been officially announced.

Today's Mario Day must feel like Christmas for fans of the Nintendo series, because the Japanese presented various news and announcements in a special broadcast. After last year's hugely successful animated film “Super Mario Bros. Movie,” there will now be another film in theaters.

Shigeru Miyamoto announced personally Next movie About the Plumber, which will once again be created in collaboration with Illumination. Even better: The new app has a release date set in theaters of April 3, 2026. According to Miyamoto, it will be “a new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros.” Represent.

There are currently no additional details about the film; They will let fans know if they can say more about this. However, in this context, the classification as a sequel has been avoided, so it remains to be seen whether the new film will follow last year's film or represent a standalone adventure.

Aside from the new movie, there have been – as previously speculated in the rumor mill – specific release dates for the two new Mario games for the Nintendo Switch. The beginning will be Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door make, which will be available starting May 25, 2024.

The remake of Luigi's Mansion 2 will also be available for Nintendo's current console in the first half of 2024. Luigi's Mansion 2 HD It will be released for Switch on June 27, 2024.

Last but not least, new classic Mario games have also been confirmed, which will be released via Nintendo Switch Online in the new week. Then ground accordingly doctor. Mario (Game Boy), mario golf (Game Boy Color) and mario tennis (Game Boy Color) on existing Nintendo hybrid console – corresponding Switch Online subscription required.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD – Direct 9.14.2023 Trailer

The classic Luigi's Mansion 2 returns to Switch as an HD version.

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