Mario Basler wears skins against the tennis legend on Stern TV.

Former professional soccer player Mario Basler clearly positioned himself in the court ruling against Boris Becker on Stern TV on Sunday.Photo: RTL

Fate of Boris Becker stirs Germany: must be one of the country’s greatest sporting legends Imprisoned for two and a half years. The former tennis player must serve at least half of it. A court in London, where Baker lives, found that on Friday.

Reason: Baker, who filed for bankruptcy in 2017, was suffering He had to disclose his assets to the insolvency administrators and, in the court’s opinion, exclude important parts.

On Sunday, Stern TV also addressed the question of whether the sentence against Baker was fair. One of the guests was Mario Basler. The former professional footballer is known to speak his mind clearly and thus is often annoying.

Former tennis star Boris Becker on Friday on his way to a crucial court session in London.

Former tennis star Boris Becker on Friday on his way to a crucial court session in London. Photo: ZUMA Press Wire / Tayfun Salci

As punishment for Boris Becker, Basler said his sympathy was limited. “If I don’t have money, I can’t live like a prince.” Baker had the opportunity to reveal his origins, but he did not use them.

Ex-tennis player Coda Keelsch can’t defend Becker either

Former tennis player Claudia Kohdi Keelch, who was also a guest on the show, sees it in a similar way. The former world number four (1985) knows Becker well, but does not understand him.

“I can’t defend his crimes,” says Code Kelsch. And also: “He did things you are not allowed to do after the bankruptcy proceedings begin.” She, too, had to file for bankruptcy ten years ago, but the procedure was discontinued after half a year. ‘Wrong advice, stubbornness, unrealistic’summarizes the mistakes of the previous star.

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Half of the viewers think the verdict is fair

Stern TV editors also wanted viewers to know what they thought of Boris Becker’s verdict. According to RTL Radio, more than 10,000 people participated. Result: Half of the judgement over the former tennis star is fair.


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