December 1, 2023

Reinhard Wolski

Wolski thought – the mirror of the authorities

Major General A. Reinhard Volsky, diplomat-ing. (University), an expert on SPIEGEL authorities and in his last position was Head of the Army Development Office. (Image: Private)

I am not surprised that the new US Secretary of Defense, General (retired) Lloyd Austin III (who, incidentally, had his first assignment with the 3rd Infantry Division in Germany) called the British Defense Secretary after his first call to the Secretary General of NATO. These two countries have always been closely linked militarily, and it can be said that Great Britain is the only European country with coherent global maritime capabilities and interests.

Rather, the question is what Germany can do. It is here that the forgotten “silent alliance” between Great Britain and Germany comes to the fore. The silent alliance existed in terms of military policy in order to maintain basically very good military, political and operational ties despite a very close partnership with France (and the hoped-for Weimar Triangle with Poland, unfortunately that did not work). This should be taken up publicly again: cooperation, for example in the Binational Pioneer Battalion, the introduction of the Boxer weapons system by the United Kingdom, the Eurofighter (Joint Air Police), the German operational maritime training, the “common vision” statement. Something, the alliance between Germany and Great Britain could be expanded.

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Reinhard Welsky

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