July 16, 2024

Many missing after ship collision in North Sea

Many missing after ship collision in North Sea

Major operation on the high seas: Several people went missing in the North Sea. Two ships have collided.

A collision with a ship occurred in the German Bay early Tuesday morning around 5am. Two ships collided and one of them sank. Marine lifeguards are widely available. According to NDR information, seven people are missing, while Bild reported six people. The incident commander could not confirm this when asked by t-online, but announced more information.

The two cargo ships, “Policy” and “Ferity,” collided about 22 kilometers southwest of Helgoland Island and 31 kilometers northeast of Langeoog Island. The incident order assumes that the “true” ship has sunk. One person was rescued from the water and is receiving medical care.

The other ship, “Polisi”, is still floating with 22 people on board. Numerous sea rescue, water police and incident command vessels are in use. A Navy helicopter and a search plane are also involved in the search for the missing people.



The cruise ship “Iona” in the area is also supporting rescue workers. People can receive medical care there and there are doctors on board, according to the incident order.

The sea is rough in the area, with waves reaching three metres.