April 13, 2024

'Manchester United is bullshit' - BBC apologizes after Red Devils mistake

‘Manchester United is bullshit’ – BBC apologizes after Red Devils mistake

British BBC After a fake break in their live show BBC News Apologize to Manchester United. The Premier League’s record champions there have been vilified in a newsfeed entry.

‘Manchester United bullshit’ The announcer’s image has been dented when it comes to professional tennis’s Cam Nouri (UK) winning against Manuel Gennard (France) in the first round of the French Open.

BBC presenter apologizes to Manchester United

Screenshots quickly went viral BBC She replied, as presenter Anita McFate said: “Some of you may have just noticed that there was an unusual post in our newsfeed regarding commentary on Manchester United. Hopefully, Manchester United fans don’t take this and feel offended.”

She repeated her apology, saying that the entry was typed in error while training the intern: “Behind the scenes, someone was learning how to place the text in the tape. This was a mistake and should not appear on screen.”

mockery in serious consideration BBC Meet the Red Devils after the end of a miserable season. United finished more than 30 points behind champion and local rival Man City in the Premier League and failed to qualify for the Champions League.

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