April 25, 2024

Louis Oosthuizen is a favorite in Munich

Louis Oosthuizen is a favorite in Munich

WithAt least if you look at the rankings, Lodewicus Theodorus “Louis” Oosthuizen is the top candidate. From Thursday to Sunday, the BMW International Open takes place in Eichenried, just outside Munich – in front of 400 invited spectators. The Erding area didn’t allow for more. In 12th place, the 38-year-old South African Oosthuizen is twice as high as 23-year-old Norway’s Victor Hovland. Both are ahead of top German, Rheinlander Martin Kaymer (99), who celebrated his only home win in this tournament on the 2008 European Tour.

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However, the three were among the players the main sponsor flew on a charter flight from San Diego to Munich after the US Open. But unlike the Scandinavian super talent or Kaymer, who was named by Irish Ryder Cup captain Padregg Harrington to one of Eichenried’s four vice captains, Oosthuizen did not have to appear at the mandatory pre-tournament press conference. Perhaps the organizers wanted to save him from having to explain again why he was only second in a major, and for the second time in a row after the PGA Championship in May.

Oosthuizen has become a crowd favorite over the years. Fans admire how the 38-year-old South African swings elegantly at his golf club, a move that resembles something out of a textbook: powerfully effortless, aesthetically speaking, with perfect timing and rhythm. Additionally, the pro with a second home in Florida is statistically the best racket on the US PGA Tour this year.

“This is frustrating”

However, it is a mystery. He has won five times on his home tour, the Rising Sun Tour of South Africa, and nine times on the European Tour. But why could a man with such gifts simply fail to win a second major after his success at the British Open eleven years ago in St Andrews, Scotland? Why is he the only one among the nine players to have completed the “Silver Championships”, that is, the second place in the most important tournaments, and who has held the trophy only once?

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