February 28, 2024

Lost Ark: Update and server down on February 17th

Lost Ark: Update today with changes to gifts

at missing coffin The weekly update is coming on March 31st. Although it is a little smaller this week than last time, it is still improving the quality of life. We at MeinMMO tell you everything you need to know.

Update 11:37 am: In a tweet, Lost Ark announced that the servers are back online much earlier than expected and that they are already doing so. We wish you a good loot!

What is in the update? This week’s Lost Ark weekly update is a little smaller than it is In recent weeks This was the case. However, the patch brings some quality-of-life improvements and several bug fixes that annoyed players.

However, one of the most annoying bugs currently in the game will not be fixed with the update, the wrong time. Since the time change on Sunday, most of the times and timers in the MMORPG are completely over.

In the weekly update, Amazon says they know this and the team is working on it, but it can’t be fixed in the March 31 patch. But what has been fixed is the following:

  • Fixed an issue where players would start in PvP ranked at Bronze level instead of at Silver level as intended. Players who have already started the season will receive a 250 MMR boost as compensation.
  • The recent chat bug has also been fixed Cause a fuss and a little love.
  • Weekly battle item gifts are no longer random. Here you can now choose the square you like and no longer have to rely on your luck.
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With the update, Amazon is particularly quick to respond to the error in chat, with players discovering they’ve lost a few lines Execute HTML code via in-game chat. This bug appeared in the game only a few days ago.

How long was the maintenance? The servers shut down today at 9:00 am German time and are expected to remain offline for 5 hours. Surprisingly, the servers were back online and ready after about 2.5 hours.

Additionally, we can currently assume that another small patch will follow the update. The download doesn’t have to be too big this time.

March 31 update – patch notes

  • Fixes a bug that allowed players to enter the competitive battlefield with a Bronze rank instead of a Silver (1500 MMR). A positive MMR adjustment will be made to players who have already started their season in Competitive Battle Arena. The 250-point increase will close the gap for those who started their season with 1250 MMR instead of the updated 1500 MMR. Players who have just started their season will start at 1500.
  • Fixes a bug where the overtime timer was not displayed during PvP battles.
  • Fixes bug where chat text is inappropriately changed or displayed outside the chat field.
  • Besides, you will [Wöchentliche] Improved Battle Item Packs so players can now choose their desired Battle Item crates instead of just getting a random reward.
  • Please note that the team is aware that server time is displayed incorrectly in European countries that follow daylight saving time.

What do you think of the update? Do you think the improvements make sense? Did you already notice the error in the chat? Has it bothered you yet that you can’t choose your rewards? Write it down for us in the comments here at MeinMMO. We look forward to your opinion.

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