June 21, 2024

LEAG-Miteigner Kellner stirbt bei Helikopterabsturz

LEAG Partner Kilner dies in helicopter crash

LEAG co-owner and head of PPF investment group Petr Kellner (56) from the Czech Republic was killed in a helicopter crash at the weekend. With an estimated fortune of 15 billion euros, he was considered the richest Czech and his company PPF had a 50% stake in LEAG. Another 50% shareholder is the EPH Group. As reported by Handelsblatt, the accident happened in Alaska on Saturday.

“The accident occurred on Saturday during a helicopter skiing trip near the Knick Glacier in Alaska, the US authorities announced on Monday. Four people were killed in the accident, including the pilot. The cause of the helicopter crash is still unclear.” It says in Handelsblatt.

LEAG reacts with panic

In the afternoon, LEAG was upset by the news that LEAG CEO Dr. Hilmar Randes said: “We learned of the tragic accident with dismay and were shocked by the sudden unexpected death of Peter Kilner, whom we appreciate as a successful economic manager. Our thoughts and sympathy are now with his family. “

Burial in the nearest family circle

Peter Kilner leaves behind his wife and four children. According to the family, the burial must take place in the nearest family circle.

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(As per wikipedia)

Peter Kilner (* May 20, 1964 in eská Lípa; March 27, 2021 near Knik Glacier, Alaska, United States[1]He was a Czech entrepreneur, billionaire and majority owner (98.94%)[2] It is the holding company PPF Group NV, registered in the Netherlands, and since 2007 has also been a member of the board of directors of the Italian insurance group Assicurazioni Generali, which together with PPF formed an international insurance holding company. Also by far the leading insurance company in the Czech Republic Czech insurance company (Czech Insurance Company) counts.

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