April 25, 2024

AM: UEFA suspends ticket sales to fans from Great Britain

AM: UEFA suspends ticket sales to fans from Great Britain

England will play the quarter-final against Ukraine in Rome. UEFA has banned all tickets recently sold to English fans.

Football fans from Great Britain have stopped selling tickets for the quarter-finals of the European Championship in Rome. “Italian authorities have urgently asked UEFA to take measures to prevent British nationals from circumventing the quarantine measures required when entering Italy,” UEFA said Thursday evening. Ukraine and England will play on Saturday (9pm) for a place in the semi-finals.

Travelers from the UK currently have to be in quarantine for five days if they want to come to Italy. There is concern about more infections due to the delta variant outbreak of the coronavirus. England reached the quarter-finals of the tournament, Tuesday, with a 2-0 win in the round of 16 over Germany.

Tickets that have already been sold can be returned

“Given the times, it is impossible to come to Italy now to watch the match on Saturday and at the same time adhere to the quarantine,” Minister of State for the Ministry of Health, Pierpaolo Celeri, said in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian. The newspaper “Corriere della Sera” (Thursday) said.

“In particular, tickets that have been sold to British nationals since June 28 will be cancelled. In addition, the sale and transfer of these tickets will be suspended from 9:00 pm. Tickets already sold can be given to the British or returned to people residing in Italy. Previously, calls for stricter controls had already been made in Italy.

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In Great Britain, British Foreign Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan advised her citizens not to travel to Rome. “The request is really to watch the game from home and cheer on the team as loudly as possible,” the politician told Sky TV. (dpa)

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