July 12, 2024

Joy in politics and science

Joy in politics and science

The awarding of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics to the Austro-Hungarian physicist Ferenc Krauss, among others, has caused unanimous joy in political and scientific circles. Here is a selection of key reactions to the news from Stockholm:

This message has been updated. NEW: New reactions from Chancellor Nehammer and others

“Congratulations to Ferenc Kraus for this pioneering work in particle research and attosecond physics. This award is a special honor for science in Austria and Europe.”

“Ferenc Krauss and his research team are marking the beginning of attosecond physics with their outstanding achievements. Thanks to these innovative scientists, Austria will remain an important place for future research and location.”

“He has become the second scientist working in Austria to win the Nobel Prize in Physics in just two years. The outstanding scientific achievements of the Austro-Hungarian physicist are extraordinary and once again confirm the high quality of Austria as a location for science and research.”

“Another Nobel Prize in Physics in Bavaria! […] “This is a fantastic success for Bavaria as a location for science.”

“We are speechless!”

“On behalf of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, I warmly congratulate our members Ferenc Kraus and Anne Lhuillier on receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics. Only one year after this important honor for Anton Zeilinger, this is once again a great success for two Austrian academics. Our members.” On January 29, Lhuillier, who was honored with Krauss, will give a lecture in the ÖAW Hall about her research in the field of attosecond physics.

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“His work breaks completely new ground on the dynamics of electrons in matter and is fundamental research par excellence. An impressive career that began 25 years ago with, among other things, the FWF START Award for Outstanding Young Researcher and later with the FWF Wittgenstein Prize.” The award, which has continued, now finds its moment of being crowned with the Nobel Prize.”

“Austria has invested €6 billion in R&D in recent years. Success is also reflected in strong individual achievements like this, and our warm congratulations to Ferenc Kraus.”