May 18, 2024

Joe Biden attends first Sunday mass as president

Biden is the second Catholic president in US history The weekly mass He’s expected to be a steady part of his schedule. This is the level of devotion to regular religious services that the new presidents, who were well-known Christians but who attended church sporadically or worshiped privately while in office, did not see.

Although it is unclear whether he will adopt a permanent parish in Washington during his tenure, going to church in Biden will provide a window into how his spiritual side fits in with his politics.

Biden has been inside and with the Holy Trinity for at least 35 minutes GrandsonsMacy, Finnegan and his son Hunter accompanied the President at Sunday mass. When asked how the service was, he replied, “Lovely.”

Catholicism was an integral part of Biden’s life, who had been a regular Mass since childhood and taught in Catholic schools. He married his first late wife, Nilia, in a Catholic Church, and composed his political speech with quotes from the Bible, Catholic hymns, and references to the nuns and priests he had taught at school.

He frequented Holy Trinity during his tenure as Vice President to former President Barack Obama. The church – Washington’s oldest Catholic church, according to Holy Trinity – was regularly attended by the first American Catholic president, John F.

Biden inauguration morning Attended service At St. Matthew the Apostle Cathedral in Washington, D.C., with all four congressional leaders.