June 20, 2024

IPS Airways: A new British airline relies on the Pakistani diaspora

IPS Airways: A new British airline relies on the Pakistani diaspora

With Flypop and Hans Airways, two British airlines are targeting the Indian community. IPS Airways wants to do the same for the Pakistanis.

Rishi Sunak wants to become the new leader of the Conservative Party and thus the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His chances of defeating rival Liz Truss in the party’s primaries are slim. However, he is making history. He is the first representative of a large diaspora to reach this point.

Sunak’s ancestors are from India. The politician belongs to a huge demographic. Approximately 1.5 million people in the UK are of Indian descent. Another 1.2 million originated in Pakistan. Three new British airlines want to take care of this diaspora.

Two well advanced projects already

Flypop is already active. At the moment, it only offers freight flights. In the future, the airline plans to fly from London Stansted to Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Goa and Kolkata in India. The start of passenger flights has been delayed several times, but is now said to be imminent.

Hans Airlines has just been created. The new British airline wants to do the same as Flypop. It recently took delivery of its first chartered Airbus A330.

He hardly knows any information

Now there is an airline that wants to apply the business model to the Pakistani community. However, almost nothing is known about them yet. According to Aero Routes, IPS Airways plans to fly from East Midlands Airport to Lahore and Islamabad and from Leeds/Bradford to Islamabad.

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IPS Airways displays the Airbus A330 on its website. However, the originally planned launch has been postponed to August. Flights from northern England to the two Pakistani cities are now scheduled to start in October. It is doubtful whether this will actually happen. The Leeds-Islamabad route once served Pakistan International but was discontinued in 2014 due to losses.