June 21, 2024

Die Regierung des Vereinigten Königreiches erlässt Nationale Strategie für die Sicherheit im Seeverkehr

The UK government adopts the National Maritime Safety Strategy

5-year strategy targeting the latest physical and cyber threats

In addition to the Maritime Security Strategy issued on the same day, the Departments of Transportation, Departments of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Departments of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development, Departments of Home Affairs and Departments of Defense are involved.

The new Maritime Security Strategy sets out how the UK will improve technology, innovation and cybersecurity capabilities. The five-year strategy will formally recognize environmental damage as a maritime security issue to address modern problems such as illegal fishing and polluting practices.

Britain’s position as a leading maritime nation in the world It is secured through a new strategy that will enhance capabilities in technology, innovation and cybersecurity.

Britain’s transport minister, unveiling a 5-year strategy on Monday 15 August 2022, has unveiled the guiding principles for the UK government’s approach to tackling threats and risks at home and around the world, including leveraging the UK’s pioneering global seabed mapping and combating Illegal fishing and pollution at sea.

In the new strategy, maritime security has been redefined as compliance with laws, regulations and standards to create a free, fair and open maritime space. With this new approach, the government is recognizing the right to any illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and environmental degradation in our seas as a maritime security issue.

Also, to improve the UK’s knowledge of maritime security, the government has set up the UK Center for Seabed Mapping (UK CSM), which aims to enable the UK’s world-leading seabed mapping sector to work together to do more and collect better data.

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Read the entire strategy here