June 14, 2024

iOS 15.1 first beta says we'll be able to see SharePlay soon

iOS 15.1 first beta says we’ll be able to see SharePlay soon

SharePlay is back in iOS 15.1 beta, to me 9to5Macafter after Apple postponed an important feature in iOS 15 to “later this fall” instead of releasing it along with the OS upgrade as planned. thats it Not the only job They haven’t started yet, but they can come in handy during an ongoing pandemic – you can use them to watch videos, share your screen, or listen to music with other people through a FaceTime call. The presence of Tuesday in the new beta may indicate that it will come sooner rather than later, although that is not certain.

Mac rumors Reports The 15.1 Beta will also allow users to add their COVID Vaccine Card to the Wallet app once they are added to Health for the first time. is similar to Google’s version of this feature worksYou must get your vaccine information from your doctor or state health system before you can add it to your phone. Apple says The feature uses the SMART Health Card format currently in use Supported by a handful of countries and a few major vaccination providers. The list includes states like California, Hawaii, New York, and Louisiana, as well as pharmacy providers like CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart, but you can click the link for more information. As always, contact your local healthcare provider for more information.

You can add verified vaccination records from some health care providers.
Photo: apple

These features appearing in iOS 15.1 beta don’t necessarily mean they will be in the latest iOS 15.1 – after all, SharePlay was introduced during the iOS 15 beta but was later removed. However, Apple still says SharePlay ships ‘later this fall’ and there’s plenty of time left for that (and it would be a bit strange if they were removed). Different beta). According to the company, the vaccination card functionality will be included in an “upcoming software update,” so it will likely override that.

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It may be some time before we see iOS 15.1 as iOS 15 was released just yesterday (iOS 14.1 Came about a month later iOS14). But if this early beta is any indication, it could bring some cool new features when it’s released.