May 23, 2024

Cover Buchtipp Die Wahrheit über Eva

Invention of Inequality –

The Truth About Eve is an exciting attempt to get to the bottom of the history of social inequality between the sexes. Starting from an anthropological perspective, behavioral researcher Karel van Shayck, together with journalist and historian Kay Michel, analyzes the issue of what Eva committed. Did he demean women as an inferior member of our society by the will of God? Is discrimination the result of natural differences? Or is the systematic deprivation a cultural construct?

The authors set the starting signal for the oppression of women in the people who remain sedentary. The emergence of monotheistic religions fed the process. The consequences were fatal: women increasingly lost the social networks, sexual independence and economic independence that made them largely equal partners with Stone Age men of hunters and gatherers, the authors postulate.

The relationships depicted in the book are strict. But there is no way out of this situation? “The solution to a problem usually begins with diagnosing the cause,” the authors write. And they did a great job. Bettina Gartner

Karel Van Shayk, Kay Michel
The truth about Eve
Rowohlt, 704 p. , € 26, –
ISBN 978-3-498-00112-4

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