April 23, 2024

Construction: defects in construction: a written guarantee request

Construction: defects in construction: a written guarantee request

Homeowners can repair defects for free even after the building has been accepted. You have to think of two things: the craftsman must be informed in writing and a deadline must be set.

The guarantee period regulated by the German Civil Code (BGB) begins with the acceptance of the work of the craftsman. It usually lasts five years if it involves major milestones such as a new building or renovation. If something is repaired, partly replaced, or maintained, the period is 2 years. This is what the Berlin Plumbing, Heating, Plumbers and Air Conditioning Syndicate indicated.

During this time after the acceptance test, homeowners have the opportunity to identify defects in their home construction and repair them for free, the Private Sector Builders Association explains. Therefore, you should regularly go for troubleshooting during this time. The homeowner must report the defect in writing and allow the craftsman a reasonable period of time to repair it.

The protocol is part of the acceptance. This lists all defects found during a job evaluation or construction site inspection. If this is dangerous, then the service should not be accepted – the construction will not be accepted. (Dpa)

Building Approval Handbook

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