May 27, 2024

In Toronto: A KLM Boeing 787 taxied toward Lot's Dreamliner

At Toronto Airport, a KLM Boeing 787 was cleared to take off and increase its speed. But the Polish LOT plane that landed did not leave the runway as expected.

There are an alarming number of impending disasters, and we urgently need to do something about them – that may be the current mantra for aviation in the USA. Now an incident also occurred in Canada reminiscent of many narrowly avoided incidents in the USA.

Two European airlines participated. At Toronto Pearson Airport on March 22, the cockpit crew of a KLM Boeing 787 had to abort takeoff when air traffic controllers noticed the plane was heading toward a Polish Dreamliner that was still on the runway. This is what the magazine reported Flight International He points to a report available to him from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

It has already accelerated to about 240 kilometers per hour

The two planes approached each other at an altitude of about 5,400 feet (1,646 metres). These were a Boeing 787-10 from KLM with registration PH-BKC and a Boeing 787-9 from Lot with registration SP-LSB. According to the agency, the test plane was “about to depart the runway at Runway C5” when controllers cleared KLM's Dreamliner to take off from Runway 6L.

But when the KLM plane accelerated, the LOT pilots decided to continue down the runway and leave it only on taxiway C7, which is near the end of the runway. When the KLM crew received instructions from the tower to abort takeoff, their Boeing 787-10 was traveling at about 240 kilometers per hour. The pilots slowed the long-haul plane and left the runway with it.

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In Austin, the Boeing 737 was no longer able to abort takeoff

At Austin Airport in the USA, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 was allowed to take off from the runway where a FedEx Express Boeing 767 was supposed to land. The low-cost airline's passenger plane was unable to abort takeoff, but the cargo plane took off and flew over the 737 that was taking off.