Troubles at Willie Brandt’s house: Molina hits knife at Schultz

Ladina Triaca and Daniel Egli

Couldn’t be more Swiss. South Sudan National Assembly members Cedric Wermott, 35, Fabian Molina, 31, and John Bolt, 36, traveled to Berlin with red pocket knives in their luggage. They had previously engraved on knives dedications to the SPD leadership. For example: “To Comrade Olaf Schultz in the election we won on September 26, 2021.”

Gifts from SP politicians fit perfectly. Its sister party, the Social Democratic Party, actually won Germany’s federal election on Sunday – it was weak against the CDU/CSU. The first candidate, Olaf Schulz (63) could become the next German chancellor after the era of Angela Merkel (67). The coming weeks will show whether the Union or the SPD will rule with the Greens and the FDP – or whether everything will turn out very differently.

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