June 23, 2024

In Fortnite, Kolombos occupied the thawed island

In Fortnite, Kolombos occupied the thawed island

V.19.10 is currently releasing in Fortnite. Kolombos are included here. As the snow melted, the so-called constellations also returned.

The basics in brief

  • There is currently a major Fortnite update from Epic Games.
  • Peaceful Kolombos now occupy and help the island.
  • The long-hidden Tited Towers can now be accessed.

With update 19.10, an important patch for Fortnite was published yesterday Wednesday. with the Update there are both innovations As well as the return of familiar items.

Disassembled Kolombos – again

Giant Columbus is now roaming around the island. Giant creatures have been rumored for a long time, and now they are here! The developer gives everything, despite its size, the objects are quite peaceful.

Kolombos can also be useful: there are holes on their heads, which quickly fling players into the air. If you also give berry creatures to eat, you can look forward to the beneficial items.

Tilted Towers Makes Fortnite Complete Again

Many fans should have been looking forward to this: slowly but surely, the island began to thaw again after winter. The inclined zodiac will be happy again, which has been around for a long time It was hidden under the snow and ice.

So it can start again at full capacity and players can Search different places in the city.

Last but not least, there is a whole bunch of different patches and improvements. For example, the grenade launcher can be found in the safe again and has a modified reaction time. Projectiles now explode on impact and fly more directly toward the target.

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